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    Transform for Reader 9.2 disables display in Browser


      Hi there,


      I use the Adobe Customisation Wizard 9 to create a MST file to transform the original Adobe Reader 9.2 msi file. Mostly I use it to automaticaly accept the EULA, but also for some other stuff. I leave the "Display in Browser" under "Online and Acrobat.com Features" untouched on "Enabled", but when the Reader is installed with that transformation file and I try to open a file in Internet Explorer, I get the message that the installed version can not be used to display PDF files in the webbrowser.

      After removing and installing the Reader without using my MST, displaying PDFs in the browser works again.


      Is the Customisation Wizard not compatible with Acrobat Reader 9.2?


      I have uploaded my MST here: http://ul.to/fqxogw