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    Help With E-mail submit button

    SeanM. Level 1

      Hello everyone I am new to the Adobe LiveCycle Designer product and am currently using version 8.2. I have created a customer survey form for my company. When I designed the form I used a generic IT General response email address (itrequest@anyone.com) that works within the company. I noted I HAD to distribute the form in order to get the email function on the form to work.


      I validated functionality, then went to change the email address from a generic user to the specific reciepiant email address. I did this just fine, however when you submit it, it goes to the generic one, like it never recognizes the change in email I did. Which BTW, I did re-distribute after the change to populate it.


      Then being more puzzled I created a new blank form w/ just an email submit button set to a specific user email address, and I distributed it, sent it to a user to test for me, and it continues to send the form via email to the generic email address. I am making a guess here that there is something to do w/ my Distribute form settings causing it to default to the generic email address instead of the specific one I list in the form.


      Can anyone please tell me how to check/validate/correct this?


      I can send the form to anyone who wants to look it over, I am not sure about posting it in a public forum as it has internal email addresses located in it.