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    WORKING example of BlazeDS with Flex 3 and FlexBuilder


      Can someone point me to an actual working example with BlazeDS used with Flex 3 and Eclipse?

      The examples on livedocs are broken or imcomplete. Others work to varying degrees but fail at some point.


      What I'd like to see is the following:

      1. How to create a project using

           a. Flex 3.0

           b. BlazeDS

           c. Eclipse - FULL project creation and deployment instructions.

           d. An example where the project is NOT created within the BlazeDS webapp that comes with the BlazeDS/Tomcat combo.

           e. An example where the ENTIRE project can be compiled and deployed to Tomcat in one shot.

           f.  An example where a DB can he altered using standard CRUD methods with the display displaying updated records without and event being used to

               refresh the view of the records.


      This shouldn't be too much to ask if Flex is to be expected to be taken seriously in data-driven applications. I've looked all over the web for weeks for something likethis and have come up with nothing. I don't need Spring or Hibernate at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm working on a proof-of-concept at this time and the pressure is mounting to come up with something.