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    Custom headings in master pages?


      Hi, I'm using RoboHelp HTML, RH8. I'm a relatively new user for RH, so forgive me if I've missed something. In my help output, I'd like to see my pages output in this order:


      [Page Heading]

      [Mini TOC]

      [Body Content]


      The master pages have placeholders for mini TOC and breadcrumbs, but there can only be one body placeholder per master page.


      So, my question is there any way for me to get headings to sit above the mini TOC, and can I do it in  the master page space? The headings usually have the same name as the topic. It's pretty awkward to have the mini TOC THEN the page's heading. My thought is to do something in the header, but I'm not quite sure how, and I'm not sure if there's anyway I could get RH to pull the topic name in and display it as the header text.



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          ElisaFnord Level 2

          I'm so glad you put in that last sentence, because it makes the rest easy. As long as you want the page heading to be the topic title, this is what you do:


          1. Open the Project Set-up pod.

          2. Double-click the master page (.htt file) you want to edit.

          3. With your cursor in the master page, select View > Header from the menu bar.

          4. With your cursor in the header, select Insert > Fields and Variables from the menu bar.

          5. From the list of available variables, select Title. You probably want to stick with the Default format.

          6. Back in the Header, apply the appropriate paragraph style to the title line.

          7. Save the updated master page.


          That's it. The best part is, because it's a header and not in the body text, it will affect existing topics when you apply this master page to them.




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            KJoyMcK Level 1

            Excellent, thanks so much!