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    FL CS4: editing timeline for multiple layers


      I'm trying to edit the timeline of several layers at once so that the tweens on the separate layers stay synched. Please see screengrab.

      I need all the keyframes to stay where they are in relation to one another and the end of the movie, but delete 200 frames from 235-435 from all layers. I can't figure out any way except to put the play head in the middle and click command-F5 200 times. If I select and drag, it breaks the tween into two tweens, I can't select multiple frames. Thanks for any help.

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          bzonderman Level 1

          correction: I meant shift-F8 to delete frames.

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            jendehaan Level 4

            What do you want in the place of the remove tweened frames?  You want the beginning and end of the animation at the same location, but a section of frames removed... did you want static frames in its place?  Empty frames?




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              bzonderman Level 1

              to clarify, i just want to shorten the animation. it's a transition in, static and then transition out.

              the static part is too long, so i want to keep the motion at the beginning and end but take 200 fr out of the middle. If I just drag the end frames to the left by 200, then the static middle gets shortened by 180 or so and the transitions get shortened proportionally.

              does that make sense?

              I attached a sample file. The part i'm talking about is inside the symbol.


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                jendehaan Level 4

                Oh ok, you were on the right track. Basically what you need to do is hold the Ctrl/Cmd key while dragging across the mutliple layers. Select the chunk you want to shorten it by using the Ctrl+drag, and then Remove Frames (by right click, menu, shortcut).


                Hope that helps!


                PS: select single frames is Ctrl+click instead of drag.

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                  bzonderman Level 1

                  Jen, Thank you SO MUCH. That worked perfectly!