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    Exporting smaller files?


      Hello, could anyone give me a point in the right direction?


      Ideally, I would like to be able to take the video files off my (very amateur) digital photo camera, and make them shorter so all the boring parts are cut, and have the resulting file be of as similar size and quality as possible to the original. Maybe I am using the wrong tools entirely-- any help would be appreciated.

      I take video files with my Samsung Digimax L85 camera, which upload to my computer as small, fairly low-quality .AVIs. When I try to edit these in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, the files that export are either much larger (up to 100x as large, depending on codec) or of extremely bad quality. I've heard that there's no way around it sincem by exporting, I'm compressing already-compressed footage. But I just have trouble believing that the small, crappy quality of the video files from my digital photo camera really can't be duplicated (more or less) by Premiere's export.


      I heard that the h264 codec is the best bet for quality-to-size ratio. But trying to export this way gives me very jumpy motion. Is there a way to get the motion smoother? The lower I set the "keyframe distance" option, the more the jumpiness goes away-- at the cost of extreme image quality. Do you have any suggestions?


      Thank you,