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    query out of a cfc


      I have a cfc with a simple query.



      <cffunction name="myFunction" access="remote" returntype="query">

      <cfargument name="myArgument" type="string" required="no">

              <cfquery datasource="myDataSource" name="qGetStuff">

              SELECT lastName

                  FROM tblUsers


      <cfreturn qGetStuff>




      I'm trying to do... well anything with the data.  I can see in flexbuilder that I'm getting the wddxPackage and all the data.


      the package is formated:

      <wddxPacket version='1.0'>



        <recordset rowCount='605' fieldNames='LASTNAME' type='coldfusion.sql.QueryTable'>

          <field name='LASTNAME'>







      I'm using:

      public var theData:XMLList;

      public function onResult(e:ResultEvent):void{

      theData = e.result.wddxPacket.data.recordset.field[0];



      to access the data.  I don't get any exceptions, however the datagrid doesn't populate

      <mx:HTTPService resultFormat="e4x" id="liveData" url="http://mydomain.com/test.cfc?method=myFunction" result="onResult(event);" />

      <mx:DataGrid id="mygrid" dataProvider="{theData}"/>


      am I doing this all wrong?


      what is the best way to get complicated data types out of CF into flex?