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    Two Media Cashe Files


      Hope I have the correct Forum.


      I have read some about the build up of Media Cashe Files and the memory they take up, but my concern is I have two, that's 2, MCF's on my computer. Not sure if this is right?


      One is under Desk top: App Data / Roaming /Adobe /Common / Media Cashe Files.


      Another is under My Computer: Local Disk C: / Users / My name / App Data / Roaming /Adobe /Common / Media Cashe Files.


      I was wondering if I could delete one and save some memory with no ill effects to my CS4 projects?


      And/or can I empty them out without harming my projects in CS4?


      I looked to see what they were made up of and it was files I am using.


      They are using 17.5 GB.


      Thanks Jim

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          Webshark2000 Level 1

          You should have a Media Cache Files folder and also a Media Cache Database folder.  The Media Cache Files folder is the one that will get large since it holds all your PEK and CFA files.  The Media Cache Database folder will just be named "Media Cache" in Windows Explorer.


          You can specify the location of the two folders in Premiere's Preferences.  Go to Preferences and down to "Media".  There you can change the locations of both.  I don't like having them on the C: drive (which is the default) because I usually keep my C: drives small, just using them for the OS and some programs.


          You can delete the files and next time you open the project it will create new ones in the new location.