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    set marker in book docs and refer to current page number of marker


      I have a book with several documents.  There are places in the documents I'll want to refer to throughout the book (I'll call these portions of text "X") with 'see page __' notation.  I'd like to set a marker at "X" containing the current page number of "X".  I'd like that page number to be a variable so as the position of "X" changes, the 'see page __' page number reference changes as the position of "X" moves around as I add and subtract documents and text within the book.


      I know I can set 'current page number' at the marker for "X", but I don't know how to set the 'see page __' reference so it tracks the current page number of "X".  What do I put in the blank of 'see page __'?


      Help!!  and thanks!!