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    Salesforce lead gen form


      I apologize of this question has been answered before. Searching these forums is about as enjoyable as getting tested for a STD.


      I am sending a query string post to saleforce to generate a new lead. It works great when it is used locally. However, from the web server it fails.



                                  //Campaign Name
                                  + "XXX=MKTG_EPR_Enhancements_Email_10.09&"
                                  //Web 2 Lead
                                  + "XXXX=eMarketing&"
                                  + "oid=XXXXX&"
                                  //Lead to source
                                  + "lead_source=Web&"
                                  //Your Name
                                  + "XXXXXX="
                                  + your_name + "&"
                                  + "first_name="
                                  + first_name + "&"
                                  + "last_name="
                                  + last_name + "&"
                                  + "email="
                                  + email + "&"
                                  //Campaign ID
                                  + "Campaign_ID=XXXXXXX", "POST");


      If I copythe query string output and paste into a web browser it will create the new lead:

      https://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.WebToLead?encoding=UTF-8&XXX=MKTG_EPR_Enhanceme nts_Email_10.09&XXXX=eMarketing&oid=XXXXX&lead_source=Web&XXXXXX=TEST&first_name=FIRST_TES T&last_name=LAST_TEST&email=bn@gmail.com&Campaign_ID=XXXXXXXeb&XXXXXX=TEST&first_name=FIRST_TEST&last_name=LAST_TEST&email=bn@gmail.com&Campaign_ID=XXXXXXX


      (As you can see I've XXX'd out the variables but I assure you they work as I mentioned)

      Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!