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    how revert scale of raster image to 100%

    scott hdz Level 1

      I have a bunch of photos that are embedded in an AI document, and i want to cut and paste them into photoshop. I want them at their original resolution, but unfortunately they're all scaled down. For example, one of the images is scaled to 50%, and when i copy and paste it into photoshop, it remains scaled at 50% and resamples the image (whereby i lose resolution.) I therefor would like to resize all the images to their original scale 100%) and THEN copy and paste them into photoshop. I don't know how to do this. When i click on Link Info for each image, AI tells me what percentage scale each image has, but i have no way of simply selecting all the images, and saying scale = 100% (this would be easy in After effects). Does anyone one know how to do this? I just want them all returned to their original size, so that when i paste them into Photoshop, they is no resampling nor generational loss....

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          JETalmage Level 6

          Illustrator doesn't store the "original size" of embedded raster images. When you embed it, it is what it is: a given number of pixels scaled to its current size. You can see this expressed as pixel counts and ppi in (of all places) the Document Info palette, if you select Selection Only and Embedded Images from the flyout menu.


          In the Links Palette, you can select Link Information from the flyout menu, and see the "scale" represented as a percentage. This is always relative to 72 ppi, so you have to tediously do the math and transform it accordingly to make it what Illustrator considers "100%" (72 ppi).


          (Isn't this convenient? Isn't this intuitive? Worst-of-class interface among all vector drawing programs.)




          Save the AI file as a PDF (Illustrator Default preset will do fine.)

          Open in Acrobat.




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            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            When the photos are scaled you should be able to select them and Object>Transform>Scale and insert 200% (Uniform).

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              scott hdz Level 1

              @JET: thanks man. You just saved me a couple hours of tedious work and headache. ROCK.


              @Jacob: the scale function doesn't remember the original scale of any given object, so I were to simply scale everything to 200%, it would be 200% of the current scale which would give me anything like 198% to 174% to 208% etc.... but thanks for responding.

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                Scott Falkner Level 5

                I would like to improve on James’s advice. Yes, save as PDF, but don’t use the defaults. The default values resample and use lossy compression. Start with the default, but turn off downsampling and compression, or use ZIP. Also, in the Output tab, turn Color Conversion to No Conversion.

                You can then either do as James says and save all images from Acrobat, or you can open the PDF in Photoshop. Instead of opening a page, you can open an embedded image.

                Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 3.23.33 PM.PNG

                Edit: I just did this to check my terminology (correct) and discovered that the Illustrator Default for Illustrator 14 is just what I said, so James is correct for that version at least.