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    Two Adobe Digital Accounts but I just need one, who can help ?




      I once opened an account in Adobe Digital Editions with one

      user name: amazon@stoltenberg-lerche.de and then forgot that I already had this one when I opened up another

      account on another Computer. There I already bought many Germany epub books, so I would like to delete the first account on the first PC so that I

      can úse the second Adobe digital Account on both PCs and the connected books with this second account. Currently I have the Problem, that when I

      just connected my sony reader PRS 600 on the first PC (with the first account) it immediatelly deleted my possibility to read the formerly installed ebooks from the second PC. Now what can I do to reinstall the possibility to read all my many books from the second PC on my PRS 600 ?I just want to read what I paid for on my ereader without having two different adobe digital accounts. The second account has the username: mail@stoltenberg-lerche.de, This is the one I really want to keep!!!!

      Maybe the Tech support can erase this account an can pput the books inside this account on my second account ?


      Thank you so much for your help!