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    Simple (should be) actionscript label goto problem using scenes


      I have a Flash movie that uses three scenes.  In scene one I have a button with some actionscript to take it to a frame label in that first scene and play the movie from that point on.  It works fine.  The problem is, in the third scene, I am trying the same action with a different button, going to a different frame label in that third scene.  I am getting an error saying the frame label does not exist in that scene.  Even though it does!  I've checked for typos and everything looks fine.  I've copied and pasted the simple actionscript from the third scene below.  Is there a line I need to add to make this work in a scene that is not the first scene?



      rocketstart_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, rocketbutton);


      function rocketbutton(event:MouseEvent):void






      Thanks for any help with this.