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    problem exporting audio


      I have been using premeire cs4 now for long time and did not have this problem before. Now started having problem when I export a file to encore cs4 with dynamic link the audio does not play in encore. It is irratic in nature once it will play other time it will not. Also when try to export a muxed mpg or avi file using media encoder again the audio does not play. Any suggestions what may be causing this and how to get rid of this problem. I am using vista 64 bit with i.7 quad chip and 12 gb of ram three drive one for capture one for export each of 1tb size and application drive of 500gb so there is no resource problem

      adobe cs4 was a fresh install not an upgrade from cs3 or other version. can send email to me on awardekar@gmail.com

      Ashok Wardekar

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          As a test, Export from PrPro as elemental/elemtary streams. Not muxed, but a single Audio-only file and a single Video-only file. Import the Video-only file as a Timeline, and the Audio-only file as an Asset. Drag the Audio to the appropriate Timeline, where it will snap into place.


          For SD material, I use DV-AVI Type II for the Video-only and then AC3 (I do most Projects in DD 5.1 SS Audio), or PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit Audio.


          What happens? Do these work fine for you?


          Note that muxed files can cause issues. Breaking these apart will usually fix things.


          Good luck,



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            asward2008 Level 1

            Thanks for a prompt reply. The problem of audio not exporting seems

            intermittent. I will have one project and one sequence where the audio will

            not play in none of the exported format of files. Then again using same


            starting a new project in adobe now every thing will work flawless. That is

            what does not make sense. After I posted the question. I created a new

            project and imported short clips in it of mixed typ some mpg some wmv and

            still I could

            export it to encore through dynamic link and also using adobe media encoder.

            So I think some thing is happening in adobe premerie cs4 where it fails to

            export the audio.

            Thanks again


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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Looks like your older project got corrupted somehow.

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                asward2008 Level 1

                probably but why this happens is the mistry? as I do not do any thing

                different and have been doing htis for several years through

                various versions of premeire starting from pro 1 through now cs4. I have

                some times reslolved the issue bu opening a new project and then importing

                the old project in the new project

                and then copying the content of that sequence to a new sequence and then

                things work. But still it remains mistry.for such behaviour do you notice

                this too. Thanks again