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    Rendering of Proxies in AE fails with generic error messages.


      *sigh* working with AVC in CS4 on my quad core has been an exercise in pain.


      I've followed the optimization guides linked to in the different forum posts and that lets me zip along until I actually start adding effects. Then I am right back to a crawl. I recently discovered proxies in AE and learned that I can use "replace" in premeire to leverage those same proxies... Sweet... When I works I am back to editing in both in real time!


      The problem is AE is regularly failing to generate proxies for me and I cannot figure out why. All my video is shot the same 24mbps, 60fps, 1080p (true 60i). All shot from my Canon HF S10.


      The error is always "Error reading frame from file" and it always occurs just before the render is about to complete. Sometimes I get lucky and a working .mov was generated in spite of the error. Bu most times the file isn't there.


      So my 2.4ghz quad core with 8gb ram can't edit the originals and I can't create proxies... I'm effectively dead in the water.


      I tried using Media Encoder to generate my proxies with no success either. It fails with "Unspecified Error".


      Both times I am trying to encode to Quicktime, Jpeg, Draft Settings. For the heck of it I tried different codecs, etc. Nothing seems to help. Even worse is sometimes if I just queue the same file multiple times it eventually works.


      Is there anything at all I can do to make successful proxy generation less like winning the lottery?