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    Premiere Pro CS4 Frame Hold function freezing effects bug



      I have this problem here:

      I'm trying to apply a crop effect on a frozen frame of a clip. As you may know, holding a clip frame at "in point" does hold the effect too at its first frame, so the effect doesn't show. To me this seems a bug or an unresolved problem in Premiere, since if I wanted the "crop effect" to stop like the clip itself I would put "hold filters" on. The matter is, as I said, that this happens even with the normal "hold on" option only! And this does not apply just to the "crop" effect, but also to everything that is not "motion" or "opacity" effects. The worst is that it keeps the same behaviour if I freeze the frame not through "frame hold" option, but thru speed remapping. I think there's some sort of effect and video hierarchy issue.

      Hope I've explained my trouble properly, and that some of you can help me out with this.