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    Simple tween problem


      Hello I've only just started playing round with Flash.  I'm following a tutorial on tweening but am having a problem. 


      All I'm trying to do is move one graphic (converted to symbol) from one side to another. 


      However, when I try to put in the 'motion tween' it keeps saying "Multiple objects are selected, you must convert them to a symbol in order to tween them.  Do you want to convert them and create a tween?"  If I click 'Ok'  it comes up with "The tween could not be applied to some of the selected frames.  This could be due to the frame containing ActionScript, Multiple objects, non-tweenable objects or being on a layer that cannot be a tween layer"


      Can someone tell me why they think this is happening?

      I'm sure its really easy but its frustrating me and I've been sitting trying to work it out for ages!!



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          It would help a great deal to see the actual movie. Tweening on the timeline will only work for one item in any given layer. If you are using a motion tween for either text or a movieClip then you need to have the same item in the each keyframe for the tween to work. If you are using a shape tween, then you should only have one shape in each keyframe. If you are using Flash CS4 and are using the "new" timeline tweening, most of the rules above apply. The difference is that you set the tween before you define the second keyframe.

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            jefft88488628 Level 1

            Hey clemas I had the same problem as you. Are you watching these tutorials? How to create 2D animation using Animate CC | Adobe Animate CC tutorials . I found out that I hadn't converted them into separate symbols. f8 is the shortcut. Hopefully this helps.

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              Just went trough the same problem clemas


              I'm glad the first answer fixed your problem! For me though, the above answers didn't work (I already tried them and was still stuck with that error message) then I tried this and it fixed it:


              Select all the separate Symbols (or Instances) of your Character (or object) with the selection tool, the in the menus, select Modify/Break Apart (or Command-B on a Mac, or Control-B on a PC)


              Then re-try your Motion Tween.


              Hope this helps!