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    Not enough memory to complete preview?


      While working on Illustrator CS3 file  it switches to outline view and error message comes up with " not enough memory to complete preview " If I go to view preview sometimes it returns but generally I hve to save and close nd reopen to get out of outline view. Is there a way I should allocate more memory.

      The file is only 2,8 MB I have 4G or ram

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The file is only 2,8 MB


          That doesn't matter. File size on the disk is as irrelevant as... Well, I'll spare you the vulgarisms. What matters, is the type of objects and how they are combined using blending modes and transparencies. Similarly, any raster effects like drop shadows will lead to similar problems, if the document raster resolution is only set hig henough. If you get my meaning: A few simple boxes with very large drop shadows and transparent areas could trigger the error, while on the otehr hand a million objects with no transparencies would behave just fine. so in order to fix that, you should look in the things I mentioned. especially document raste resolution in relation to the document size can affect preview performance notably.



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            Skullmaker Level 3

            Please keep in mind that the file physical size is 2.8 MB, however, Illustrator uses the memory to save all the steps to utilize Undo feature, and like Myllenium said, other tools require more memory than others to display, rasterize, etc.


            Here are some steps to optimize performance on Windows:



            I hope this helps!