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    Adobe air installer problem. app behaving strange


      Hi all


      i developed a desktop app in flex..In this i set the alpha of a text input /text area to alpha=0

      .the app is behaving different..on different pc's..i executed to debug the app on my pc on setting the alpha=0 for text input the background becomes transparent and i was able to write text with alpha not effecting the text in the text input...then i copy the code to another pc install the adobe air installer and debug the code again ..now what i see was lil strange that the alpha property also effects the text contained in the text input...


      chk the link below too




      can any body tell me whats happening or it depends upon the adobe air installer .

      I installed the adobe air installer on my pc 1 and a half month back..on the other pc  i installed  2 weeks back..


      where is the problem?