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    Clip menu's Insert/Overlay items are disabled

    Itay B.

      I'm learning how to use Premiere Elements 8 from Adobe's official Help document.


      I'm currently working through Chapter 7, "Arranging clips in a movie", section "Arranging clips in the Timeline" -> "Add clips to the Timeline".


      I'm trying to carry out two tasks using the Clip menu:

      1. Insert a clip in the middle of another clip using the Clip -> Insert menu item,

      2. Replace a clip segment with another one, using the Clip -> Overlay menu item.


      Unfortunately, the whole Clip menu is disabled, as can be seen in the attached screenshot.


      What am i doing wrong?

      How can i accomplish the two tasks under consideration?

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          The clip you want to insert or overlay should be selected in the Project Panel.


          The steps are:

          1. Select a clip on the timeline.
          2. Go to Organize ->Project and select the clip that you want to Insert or Overlay.
          3. Now go to the Clip Menu and select the action that you want to do.


          Wierd, but I guess that's how Adobe has designed it!!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Your workflow, involving the Project Panel is correct.


            The Organizer is basically a whole system media manager. Think of it as a built-in Windows Explorer with more capability. It is system wide. The Project Panel looks very similar, but is not system wide. It is relative to the Project that is open. Because of the similarity of their looks, it's easy to confuse the two.


            Basically, all media that has been pointed to (by setting the Path(s) on the system will be in Organizer, while only the media that has been Imported will appear in the Project Panel. In most cases, there will be much more in Organizer, than in the Project Panel.


            It's a bit easier to see on the PrPro side, as the equivilent of Organizer is Adobe Bridge. The biggest difference is that it is a stand-alone application, and does not appear in a Pane in PrPro, though it can be launched from within PrPro. When one does this, the media will be brought into PrPro's Project Panel (or PS's, or InDesign's, or AfterEffect's, etc., if launched from that program).


            Good call,



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              Itay B. Level 1

              Is it possible to import source clips to a project without their being in the Media Organizer first, and without adding them to the Media Organizer at the same time you import them to the project?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                From a workflow standpoint - yes. You do not need to go through Organizer. I never do, and use Get Media exclusively. However, I believe that behind the scenes, they WILL go into Organizer. I have to admit that I never use it myself, and also only have the version in PrE 4. There is a more robust version in Photoshop Elements, but I do not have that program.


                I am basing the above belief on how Bridge works in PrPro. If I have navigated to an Asset folder, and then add material to that folder, even with Bridge closed, when opened it will rescan that folder and the new media is found and displayed. Organizer is a bit different as it also "monitors" all Assets that are Imported into PrE too. Bridge does not do that, and only sees things by folder. Now remember, I am guessing a bit here, as I do not use Organizer. If someone else tells you differently, believe them.


                Still, I always Import Assets without Organizer in one swoop with zero issues.


                Maybe I need to open up Organizer and play with it a bit, also see what the heck is in mine...



                Good luck,



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