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    How to get componenet co-ordinates

    Muthu Prasad Level 1



           I have a button in a canvas which is created through actionscript, when i try to get the X and Y co-ordinate of that component in clickevent it always returns o for both X and y.


      Even i tried with screen poperty of button it also shows o for x and y.


      could help me to get the exact x and y position of that component and exact width and height of that component.




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          pauland Level 4

          Well, the answer is just the x, y, width and height values for the object, which gives the x and y position for the object within it's container.


          If you just get 0 for everything, it may well be valid for x and y, but a surprise for width and height.


          Perhaps you could make a small example to illustrate the problem?