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    Change color and images on chm

      Can I change the code for the backgroud color and buttons for a chm output? If so, what pages?
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, dhelp,

          If you're looking for a way to "reskin" your help files in order to give them a different or more modern appearance, I'm afraid that this isn't possible using simple, out-of-the-box methods; Microsoft didn't anticipate and make provision for this requirement in its design of HTML Help. However, there are ways to alter the look-and-feel of the help window.

          1) Using a third-party DLL, HWServer.dll, you can add custom toolbar buttons to the help window in place of the standard buttons.


          The procedure for using this DLL is somewhat tortuous, to say the least, and you must install the DLL on all your users' computers. For these reasons, I'm unaware of anyone who is using it.

          2) In his Tips and Tricks file, Rick describes a way to apply a skin to a .chm file by generating a WebHelp project with the required design features, importing it into an HTML Help project, and turning off the standard navigation pane and toolbar in the help window.

          http://www.robowizard.com/RoboWizard/NewProject.htm#Downloads/Tips_and_Tricks.htm (you need the full package)

          3) When it is called from an application that has been "themed" by the developer, an HTML Help file is automatically themed to match it. For example, the help file that accompanies Internet Explorer is themed when called from that application and unthemed when opened from Windows Explorer. If you wish, you can theme all the help files on your computer by creating a manifest file, as described here: