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    Adobe AIR and MS Sharepoint


      I am developing an AIR application which needs to cache files locally from a webserver, to do this I use the filestream object. This is working fine from any server anywhere.


      I now need to get files from a Sharepoint server which requires Authentication. I have done a lot of reading about AIR authentication and it talks about NTLM and Kerberos, basic http etc all being native to AIR, but the Sharepoint is not using any of this.


      The guys who run the Sharepoint server are telling me that they are only using a form that users can enter username and passwords into. I have tried to use the URLRequest and POST to imitate this but I don't ever get the file I want, and when I look in Charles debugger I don't ever see the AUTH cookie which is needed.


      Please can anyone with any experience offer a solution or advice that I can go back to these guys with on how to get it setup correctly.