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    unlock code


      i don't have unlock code. used it once before. all of a sudden i can't get into my program. where can i get one?

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          Photoshop Album Starter Edition is no longer supported by Adobe. If you didn't register your free software before the cutoff date last Spring, then when you hit the 30 launch mark, it will stop working.


          You can uninstall the program, and go back to working with your photos as you did before using the software; that is, using Windows to store your photos in folders, most likely in your My Pictures folder. If you downloaded photos using Starter Edition, the default location for that program to download new pictures to is in the My Pictures>Adobe>Digital Camera Photos folder, so you should be able to find those files in that location.


          If you used the Windows download assistant to download photos, then they would be stored in some other location, probably in My Pictures.


          If you really like the cataloging features that are available in Starter Edition, and want to continue to use a similar offering, you can install and use the Photoshop Elements 8 tryout, which will import your catalog into the Elements Organizer, and which doesn't lock you out upon expiration.