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    RH8 Linking Word Docs


      I'm going from RH X5 to RH8 and trying to learn the new features.  I've read the Help and forums many times and am trying to find answers to why I would do one things vs. another.  An example of this is the new linking feature in RH8 to link to a Word document.  I don't understand why I would use the Word document edit button and create settings I want to apply to the document vs. applying an existing style sheet I am using for other topics in the project?  Is there an advantage I'm missing?  Should I be doing this instead of applying a style sheet?


      Also, if I'm linking to many documents, why does RH create its own style sheet for each?  Do I need these for anything if I am applying my own styles?  If you can suggest any other sources of information other than the Adobe Help, I would appreciate it.  Thanks very much for your help.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          When you import, RH will create and apply a style sheet for that document as it cannot rely on one of the existing sheets to have the defined styles. However you can immediately apply another CSS if you know the styles are all covered.


          The edit button is to allow options that you may or may not require. For example, in the Word document you may have a style called style1, you might know you are going to apply a stylesheet after import that has a style called style2 and you want style1 to become style2 during the import. That's how you would achieve that. There are also other options.


          RH creates a CSS for each document partly for the reason above and partly because it does not know you want the same appearance for each one. That is for you to know and deal with after import.


          Look at the forum links for sources of further information.


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