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    Exporting Video from Premiere Elements 7.0

    tvteacher2 Level 1

      My students and I are having a lot of trouble exporting video onto a miniDV tape when I am done editing.  I was wondering if I was doing something wrong because it seems to stop in the middle of exporting just about every time.  It does it on 3 minutes projects and 10 minute projects.  It's really bad when I have to export more than 10 minutes.  It usually takes hours to export video and it's very frustrating because I have to keep redoing it over and over.  Please help!!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is a strange Windows annoyance, and I'm not sure if there is a quick solution.


          Some people have found that, if they open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), go to the Processes tab, right-click on Adobe Premiere Elements and set the priority to high it helps.


          The alternative is to Share/Personal Computer/DV-AVI to export the movie, and then use a program like Windows MovieMaker or WinDV to export it back to tape.

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            rtprtp Level 1



            I installed "Tune Up Utilities" to optimize performance, similar to "enditall2" which Hunt recommended, but Tune Up was also highly recommended, and its a bit more up to date, and it sure speeds things up! My question is, Tune Up "downgraded the priority of PE7.exe". When I check task manager, it is set at normal. Should I set it higher, such as "above normal" or "high", or just leave it the way it is. Also, did you get see my question about your book?


            Thanks, Stan

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Hi, Stan. Yes, I did see and respond to your private question.


              As for Tune Up, I may check it out, at your recommendation. I'm always interested in new utilities.


              I wouldn't worry about it "downgrading" the priority of Premiere Elements to Normal. Not unless it affects the program's performance for you. That is, after all, what it is by default.


              If Tune Up is doing as well as you say, the program may run just fine in Normal priority!