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    Problems with click boxes and "show" action


      I've encountered what is likely a newbie problem but it is driving me crazy!


      I have a slide where there are three titles. The user should click on each of these titles to reveal more information. After they have had time to read it all, they should click on a continue button to advance to the next slide.


      I have placed a click box over each title with the "show" action attached. This all works fine, but when the user clicks the last title, they don't have time to read the info before the slide automatically advances to the next slide.


      To try and fix this I placed another click box on the slide to pause things until the user clicked the continue button. This still does not work. I have tried everything I can think of. I did notice that if you click all of the click boxes really quickly, it seems to work (i.e. it pauses after the last click). But if you take time to read each one, it advances on it's own after the last one you click. It doesn't matter which order you click them in.


      I am attaching my file if anyone has the time to check my settings. I will be so happy to learn what the heck I am doing wrong here!

      (Slide #3 is the culprit). Thank you.