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    trouble converting .mov to SWF/the controller buttons



      im having a bit of trouble finding a way to export a .mov file to SWF file so that i can embed my video in FC.

      How do i go about converting this, which program should i use?


      also the other thing i hav tried is converting to flv. this can be imported into FC catalyst and it plays in the export to web preview on loading, however when i try to adust the wireframe controls on the video it wont let me do it. i can only have the flv video with controls or with out.

      what i would ideally like is to have a play/pause button and a volume control slider appear within the video space when the cursor hovers over the video. also a prompt play button to be clicked for the video to begin playing instead of the video playing once the page has loaded.

      is this possible?


      also does anyone know of any video links that possibly show how to sort out video for FC.


      any help will be much appreciated.