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    embeddding a web page in FC



      im busy working on a showcase website in FC which will contain video, art, photos etc. however i would like to have one state to contain my blog page, so that viewers to my page can see what i am currently upto. By clicking on the 'Blog' Button this will take them to the state that will contain my blog page but within my FC website, and not redirect my to the blog website. is this possible? or can it only be accessed as a hyperlink which will take the viewer to the blog webpage.




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          Laurence Schuberth

          Hi Mudd, I was looking at this a couple of weeks ago for embedding html code but it's basically the same thing that you want to do.


          I actually havnt got around to it yet but from what I could see, Flash builder is what you will need to use with the iframe component.


          Have a poke around the FB forum,