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    Multiple documents in one Adobe session?


      (Using: Windows XP SP3)

      My old Adobe Reader just updated itself to Adobe Reader 9. I used to be able to open a number of pdf documents with one click and have them sort of layered one behind the other with just one Adobe window open.

      Now, when I click on, say, two pdfs, TWO Adobe windows open. I looked under Edit...Preferences.... Documents but where some versions have the option at the very top - mine does not have the option to open multiple pdfs in the same window.

      I don't like this AT ALL. I need to work with several different programs open at the same time (Adobe Reader, Excel, a text editor, MS Word etc.) all at the same time and all these Adobe windows opening are making my taskbar run onto two or even three lines.


      How can I make Adobe open multiple docs in the same window?

      Thankyou for any help.