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    How to always show full menus in RHhtml8?

    jonestech Level 1

      Ok - these should be a couple of slam dunks for the veterans in this group.


      Just upgraded to RHhtml8. Two questions:


      1. How do I set RHhtml8 to always show full menus? You know, there are the abbrev menus with the arrow at the bottom to show more. I always want to see them all. As a new user to RHhtml8, I am constantly hunting for the feature I want, and I always have to expand the menu because I don't know if it is currently hidden.
      2. What prompted question #1; how do I get the TOC pod to display? I have done it a couple times and can't remember how I got it to show. Now, I can't find it anywhere. It certainly isn't under View | Pods?
        1. Follow-up to the TOC mgr/pod; is there an easy way to get all the topics under one book to sort alphabetically in the TOC for final output? I think there used to be in a previous version such as 6 or 7.


      Looking forward to the response cause these two are killing me.