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    Problems with contour cut using illy & versaworks


      Help...I am somewhat new to the wide format digital printing scene but so far I have been able to navigate through. But today I have hit a wall and do not understand how to fix it. I am using Illustrator CS3 and I have a Roland VersaCamm with Versaworks. The problem I am having is that I am trying to contour cut  "Text" on a heat transfer material. In illy, I already have the contour cut set up so that all of the text is outlined... when I take it to versaworks, the outlines do not match the text exactly. They are offset. I have tried to make sure that the contour cut stroke is .25  and centered. This helped some but the cut lines still do not match the text completely... The text is black and it will be transferred to a pink shirt, I do not want any other color on the text except the printed black.  Hopefully someone understands my dilemma and can help...QUICK. Thanks in advance.