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    Addressing external photos


      Dear All

      I have moderate experience of actionscript, but still mastering 2 and Flash 8!


      I've been modifying some code I wrote a while ago that simply loads and plays an external FLV.  The original code works well as I can simply copy the swf into any folder and when run, it will play the FLV with the given name in that particular folder.


      I decided to have a photo still over of the movie before it plays, so I modified the script and 'loader' to put in the external Jpg.  If I test the swf it works fine.  But when I install the code from a sub folder into a webpage via 'object', the Flash file trues to find the photo in the webpage folder not the sub folder where the swf originates and where both the FLV and jpg are??    Both the FLVplayback and Jpg loader address in the same way in 'parameters' of properties, yet the FLV plays and the jpg won't.  I only discovered what exactly was happening on a hunch and copied a different photo into the main web page folder with the same name.


      I have also rewritten it a completely different way using movieloader, but got exactly the same results.  I know I could put the full web address of the jpg into the parameters, but then I have to modify it every time I use it.  I'd really like to be to simply copy it into another folder.


      Any one got a clue????




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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          what's the loader's target path/name?

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            9208 Level 1

            The main web page with the object code in it, is in the main directory folder, the swf, FLV and jpg sit in a subfolder.  If I run the test HTML that I published with the SWF from flash into the subfolder everything is fine.  If I run the web page html in the main directory which addresses the same SWF, it will find the FLV subfolder, but search for the photo in the main directory not the sub folder where the SWF actually is????

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              9208 Level 1

              Sorry didn't answer your question did I!!!


              Both the FLV and jpg are simply addressed by their file name in 'parameters', i.e. saying they are both in the same folder as the flash file.



              Thanks for replying