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    Experienced Interactive programmer Available


      Hi, I have over 13 years of multimedia and programming experience.

      I am an expert OOP programmer in Lingo, Actionscript, PHP, and many others.


      I work on a wide range of projects including:


      1. CD-ROM / DVD-ROM

      2. Databases

      3. Games (Shockwave, Flash, and Download game)

      4. Presentations, brochures, annual reviews

      5. Kiosks

      6. Educational software

      7. Interactive website


      I am available for entire projects, or just the tricky bits.



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          Hi there,


          I emailed you yesterday at the email address included in your post, not sure if you received. Plz contact me if you can



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            noideal.com Level 1

            Hi Sir,


            I just received your this email.


            Can you send last email again?


            Can you tell me your email address.     





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              yankeeschick Level 1

              Hi there,


              Here is the email I sent last night:


              Saw your post on the Adobe Director forums and am hopeful that you can

              help me! I've been searching for a Director tutor for weeks with no



              Here's my situation: I'm in school and taking a 6-week

              online class on Director. I desperately need a tutor to explain

              Lingo to me and how to implement it - I get confused between the movie

              scripts, the frame scripts, where to put variables, how to declare

              them, etc etc etc. The project I am creating is a simple matching game.

              I have already started it and was able to create one level, but need a

              lot of help adding additional features and functionality.


              I am NOT looking for someone to do my project for me - I just need someone who knows what they're doing

              to help me find or create the right scripts and guide me along in the creation of this simple game.



              you're interested in helping out, let me know how much you would charge

              - it probably wouldn't take much time on your end, maybe a couple emails

              or IM-chats and guiding me along w/ some scripts.


              Thanks in advance!