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    Merge CHM, ToCs and CBT

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1

      After some sweat I have a working implementation of a merged CHM project (RoboHelp 7) making use of Conditional Build Tags (CBTs) where the user can enter via any slave and still have access to the total ToC, and full search facilities.

      We will be using these techniques in our own shop, but I have the idea that others would appreciate sharing the knowledge, so what should I do with it? Describing it in gory detail will cost me days (which I don't have) and really needs screen grabs to be clear. I have rough notes of what I did, but they are only usable if you have access to my demo project.

      Does anyone have the time and inclination to write it up (and check my work of course?). The project zips to 3.4 MByte and contains no confidential information.

      It is based on the techniques described here and here and I have worked out a way to make ToC entries usable for all configurations. CBTs are only used in the master project.

      I still have occasional problems with absolute paths, I wish someone could solve that! My workaround is to edit the HHP, the XPJ and the CPD and hope for the best.

      --- Derek