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    Adobe Reader 9.2 not opening web pages in Win7 64bit


      After reading all the threads on this subject, it seems that two things are obvious: Adobe has a lot of trouble with their software fixes, and secondly, the fixes seem to be different for many PC's and OS's. I have windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit, and Adobe reader 9.2 is hanging when we try to open web pages with .pdf files. We are using IE8 ( even Firefox with foxit is having a heart attack ! ) I am trying to uninstall version 9.2 with no success. It gets to one part of the uninstall and then gives me a message that other programs are using Reader, and it stops the uninstall. I have tried REPAIR, it does not help. Am I to assume that Adobe AIR and Adobe.com ALSO need to be uninstalled PRIOR to attempting to uninstall Reader 9.2?


      Also, I feel that the present install of 9.2 is corrupted ( hence why I am trying to reload ) because when I open the Adobe Reader icon on the desktop, the black Adobe screen opens, but after about 6 seconds the Adobe screen goes white and there is a message in the top Adobe Reader bar stating that the program is not responding. ( Obviously something is missing in the install ) MS  UAC is set to OFF, so no security blocks there.


      Q1 : How do I get Adobe Reader ver 9.2 to uninstall?


      Q2: Will version 9.2 of Adobe Reader work on Windows 7 64 bit presently?


      Thank you in advance for any kind assistance