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    Director 11.5 X-platform projector wants Shockwave or crashes on Mac


      I am trying to work out the final few bugs on a cross-platform projector, created in Win XP Director 11.5.  It works flawlessly on a PC.  The bugs, as you might guess, are on the Mac side.


      One bug in particular is that as soon as the executable is started on a certain Mac 10.5.8,  that Mac responds with "This application requires Shockwave which can not be found.  Click here to install it."


      The project was absolutely NOT created as a Shockwave file.  This same disc works fine on several other Mac 10.5.8 platforms.


      Any thoughts about what might be causing this particular Mac to want Shockwave?




      Another issue is that I get an instant crash on a MacBookPro 10.6.2 as soon as the executable is started.   I've attached the error log for this one.


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments!

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          KVI Level 1

          Problem solved!


          If you encounter the same problems I did the first thing you have to do to resolve these issues is understand the myth of cross-platform projectors.  No amount of effort allowed me to build a projector on a Win XP platform that worked consistently on various Mac platforms (hardware and OS's that met Adobe specs).


          The only way I could get a workable projector for both a Win and Mac end user, built on a Win XP platform, was to create all the pertinent files with my Win XP system and then burn the master with Toast (Win & Mac setting) on a Mac.


          No other permuation worked, and trust me... I tried many.