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    PE7 versus PE8 and .mpeg clips

    videope Level 1

      It is a pain that PE7 doesn't support mpeg clips.

      The problem is that each mpeg clip is imported into a different track.


      In trying to solve the problem I was advised to convert them to .avi using Prism.... well.... unless I buy that software I am out of luck as the trial period is 15 days.


      The other solution is to download the clips to the PE7 project and then export them.  That process converts the clip to .avi.... BUT... unless I am wrong, I have to do this one clip at a time.... AND I have 127 clips!!!


      So now, my question:  has this problem been solved with PE8?

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          Barb__O Level 4

          I suspected that you have a Sony camcorder that is recording standard definiton mpeg video with 5.1 audio, so I looked at your previous posts and confrimed that you have "recording in SD using audio 5.1 and mpeg format.".


          In version 7, my expereince with .mpg files containing 5.1 audio is that the placement of the these .mpg clips on the Timeline does result in their being placed on the same track - just not the Track 1 so that they are not all visible on the Sceneline.  And your post on Nov 4 seems to say that you had the same experience


          TIMELINE - when I drag a video clip here it goes to track 2. I can continue adding more clips and they are inserted one after the other in track 2.


          So it seems that you are saying that the functionality of the Sceneline is a high priority for you.


          --- I also have video files from a Sony camcorder with .mpg and 5.1 audio.  I have been considering version 8 of Premiere Elements because it is my understanding that it will fix the problem of being forced to a higher track because of the 5.1 audio.  However, I have not yet tested it.


          --  If you are considering the PE version 8 trial or upgrading to version 8, I suggest that you evaluate your hardware because I am seeing many posts where people can not have a stable PE8 on the same hardware as ran PE 7. That is currently stopping me from attempting an upgrade to PE 8 on my laptop where I run PE 7.  However, this may or may not be a consideration for you.


          -- Concerning Prism, your message about trial expired may mean that you accidentally downloaded the to purchase Prism. When I received that same message about Trial expired, I was able to go to the Control Panel entry for the Prism program, right click on that entry and see a choice to switch to using the FREE Prism in addition to the normal choice to Remove the program.


          Note: I have used Prism to convert some other video files but have not done my mpg with 5.1 audio files, so I don't know if the free version will convert the .mpg files. If the free Prism conversion gives you good results on your mpg with 5.1 audio that is good news.


          Good luck whatever you decide to do - and please do post your results back to the forum for everyones benefit.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            You are mis-focusing when you say "...PE7 doesn't support mpeg clips..." What you are experiencing is related to the audio (5.1 channel) associated with the MPEG2 video and the way Premiere Elements 7 was designed to handle the placement of 5.1 channel sound on the tracks. In Premiere Elements 7 you will run into this issue if:

            a. you are trying to edit AVCHD with 5.1 channel sound and are using the wrong project preset....this situation can be corrected by selecting the correct project preset, resulting with video on video track 1 and audio track 1.

            b. you are trying to edit MPEG2 with 5.1 channel sound....there is no correction for this for people wanting to work in the Sceneline view...the workaround is to use the Timeline view with your media on the upper tracks..


            But to cut to your direct question...is Premiere Elements 8 the same in this regard. NO. I have been there and done that. If you have Premiere Elements 8 and drag a MPEG2 with 5.1 channel sound clip to video track 1/audio track 1 (if that is where you want it) you can edit it on video track 1/audio track 1.


            There are those who would caution you about upgrading to Premiere Elements 8 because of any uncertainty about the stability of the new version. I have both Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8 installed and operating successfully (without issues) for several weeks (first the tryouts and after that the purchased software). My first look comments can be found in this forum. If Premiere Elements 7 handling of 5.1 channel sound is a major issue for you, then please look at Premiere Elements 8 as a replacement. BUT, first go the free 30 day tryout route before the purchase to gauge how the program works in your specific computer environment. Read through the forum posts for tips on getting a clean computer that meets system requirements to work with Premiere Elements 8. If you request, I will post a detailed account of how I am running the programs, but that should be a minor part of your resources with so many users generously reporting problems and fixes to go along with the problem.


            I will look forward to learning what works for you.



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              videope Level 1

              To import the video clips to my computer from my camcorder I used Sony PMB.

              It imported them as mpeg

              When playing them using Sony PMB they look and sound great.


              In PE7 it's quality is detrimental.

              Even after converting it to .avi


              I wish I could send you an attachment of each clip under the different format.


              Is there a way?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                What is the file size of the clip?


                APK-1 sent me a MPEG-4 video clip attached to one of these threads the other day. I think that file size was about 4 MB.


                There is a private message system in place at this forum (Under "Your Stuff" in the header at the top of the interface). I am not sure of the file size requirements by that route.


                Maybe Steve Grisetti or Bill Hunt could suggest a better way if the above ones do not do the job.


                Besides the issue of Premiere Elements 7 handling of 5.1 channel sound and the associated video/audio placement on the tracks, are you having quality issues with the video as well as the audio? If so, what is the model of the Sony that you are using to record your video?


                You realize that you can import 5.1 channel sound, but Premiere Elements 7 (not even Premiere Elements 8) does not export Dolby Digital 5.1 channel sound. More on that another time.


                How do you intend to export your Timeline content? And, right now are you looking at the quality in the Edit Mode Monitor before and after rendering that Timeline by pressing the Enter Key of the computer monitor? This type of rendering gives the best possible preview of the end product. (It does not impact quality)


                I will be glad to make a comparison of your video with Premiere Elements versions. I have 4, 7, and 8 installed.


                I will be watching for your response.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Maybe Steve Grisetti or Bill Hunt could suggest a better way if the above ones do not do the job.





                  First, I use e-mail attachments, as I have a major cache for attachments. Next, I use YouSendIt, a for pay file server with 2GB of space available.


                  Hope that this helps,