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    How to make .swf located in center of screen on all resolutions.


      I am new to Flash and Dreamweaver as I just got a website recently to promote my photography.  I just worked out a number of kinks in the intro animation and published it to see what it looked like in Firefox. I noticed that it was positioned on the left side of the screen, so I opened the .html file and edited the flash object within it (on Dreamweaver) to align to the absolute middle, and still no change.  I aligned it to the middle (as opposed to the absolute middle) as well and that didn't work.


      Finally, I thought I would try positioning the flash movie by adjusting the V Space and H Space of the flash object so that it was centered and at the bottom of my screen when I viewed it in Firefox with a screen resolution of 1920x1200.  When my friend viewed it with his resolution of 1152x864, it showed up way off center so that he had to scroll down to get the flash movie in the screen.


      How can I set the flash object to the bottom-center of the browser window regardless of screen resolution?


      see what I'm talking about here: http://myhillcountryphotography.com/intro/Intro.html