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    Best (PAL) workflow to convert HDV interlaced to DV progressive?

    davedwyervideo Level 1

      Question - What is the best (PAL) workflow to convert HDV interlaced to DV progressive?


      Software: Pr, En and Ae - all CS4.

      My Camera: (Sony Z1) shoots HDV 1080i.


      When capturing and editing, I keep everything HDV and interlaced.


      Premiere Pro:

      1. Capture HDV - mpeg 1440 x 1080 (1.3333)
      2. Sequence - 1440 x 1080 (1.3333) HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333) Upper Field First - (HDV 1080i25 Preset)


      Once edit is complete, I dynamically link sequences into Encore.


      Question - Should I dynamically link to Encore or export sequence from Pro?


      If you aren't a fan of dynamically linking the sequences and believe exporting the sequences from Premiere Pro is the way to go, please advise of best export settings.  I assume during the export (from Pr) is when the converting from HDV interlaced to DV progressive takes place?


      At present, I dynamically link the sequences into Encore.  This means Encore handles the conversion to DV progressive.


      Question - What are the best (Encore) transcode settings to transcode HDV 1080i25 to DV progressive widescreen?


      I've tried numerous workflows but as yet, I've not been 100% happy with any of them.

      I'm finding it quite a challenge to take HDV 1080i and produce a good looking DVD i.e minimal artifacts and no interlaced jaggies.


      I used to downconvert to DV in-camera during the capture process, but I'm finding I'm getting much better results by editing in HDV and downconverting during post.  This is what my post is really all about i.e. finding the best workflow to do this.


      I would be very keen to hear of how others are shooting and editing in HDV to then produce best/high quality DVDs.


      Thanks for reading