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    specify size and position for imported frames?


      I have a video job mimicking a split-screen effect, with a conference presenter on the right side of the screen and imported stills from their powerpoint presentation on the other. When the presenter advances to a new slide, I have to find that slide and drop it in. In order to do this, each time I import a still, I have to:


      - right click on Show Properties

      - click the Motion twistie

      - change the position to 494/240

      - change the scale to 71%.


      No big deal, right? But I have literally hundreds upon hundreds of these stills. And with each still, the Motion field closes back up, so I have to click the twistie again. I'm doing this for a two day conference with maybe a dozen presenters, and am having to literally wade through thousands of stills.


      I've tried importing the stills and selecting more than one, but then Show Properties is grayed out.


      Is there any way to tell PE7 that imported stills should be at 71% and should be in the position I need? It would save me a heckuva lot of time.