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    Freeze Frame

    Lost In My Mind Level 1

      Freeze the first frame without changing the speed

      1. In a Composition or Timeline panel, select the layer that you want to remap.
      2. Choose Layer > Time > Enable Time Remapping.

        This command adds two Time Remap keyframes by default, one at the beginning of the layer and one at the end.

      3. Move the current-time indicator to where you want the movie to begin.
      4. Click the Time Remap property name to select the start and end keyframes.
      5. Drag the first keyframe to the current-time indicator, which moves the start and end keyframes. (If you are working in the Graph Editor, drag the bounding box—not the keyframe or a handle—so that both keyframes move.)


      Great, stumped again. That didn't take long, did it?    I have a 29 second clip that I shortedned the beginning and end so that it's now 16 seconds. When I follow step 2, it puts the first keyframe to the left out of view at the start of the clip, and the right one at the end of the original clip, not at where I want it to end. So, when I follow the rest of the steps, it shows the part of the clip I didn't want to use.............Any help as always would be appreciated.

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          Andy Bay Level 2

          Is there some reason why you can't just use the "freeze frame" function that can be located at layer>time>freeze frame. It will freeze the selected layer to the frame your CTI (playhead) is currently at.


          If you want to use time remapping, then your problem is solved by creating new keyframes at the beginning and the end of your trimmed clip (as an addition to those that time remapping created automatically).

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            Lost In My Mind Level 1

            Thank you Andy, that is probably what I will have to do if I can't figure the other method out. I worry about using a whole new layer for just a freeze frame when it comes time for preview and render as the clips are HD and pretty big. I attached a clip of what happens when I try the manuals method, and if you look close you will see that during the freeze frame period, I'm still moving :O Thanks again for your help. Cin

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              Andy Bay Level 2



              I tried to watch the video a few times, but I'm not sure I saw movement in the actual clip. To me it looked like the position of the layer was being wiggled during the freeze frame? Or maybe I just couldn't tell the movement in the clip because of heavy compression.


              Anyway, if the video is actually moving a little bit during the time-remapped freeze frame, first I would check that the both keyframes that make the freeze happen have exactly the same value. If they do, then you could make sure that the interpolation method for those keyframes is set to linear (select keyframes>right click>keyframe interpolation).

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                Lost In My Mind Level 1

                Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. During the freeze portion there is definitely movement that appears to be 'wiggle.' My guess on that is that it somehow has something to do with the fact that I 'stabalized motion' for the clip earlier, and even though the frame stays the same during that time, the stabilization is still having an effect. I checked the value of the keyframes as you suggested (good idea), and they were the same. I also tried converting them to linear, but still have the movement.........Oh well, I will keep trying as I'm not too good at quitting . Thanks again for your help. Cin

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  That is definitely the problem.  You've retimed the clip, but you haven't retimed your stabilization data.


                  The solution to this is to precompose the stabilized clip before applying the time remapping.

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                    Lost In My Mind Level 1

                    Thank you Andrew for your thoughts. When I read your post, I thought that must be it, but after several more hours, still no solution. I stabalize the footage, precompose it, freeze frame it and I still get a single frame that moves . Thanks again. Cin