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    New iMac...


      I've just tried to Firewire Illustrator across to my new iMac and all seemed well and good until I opened a document. There's no swatches, toolbox and a load of other stuff that I use on a daily basis. Is this a problem with my download or a security thing that Apple have put in to stop me doing it?


      Cheers in advance,


      Pissed off I can't do any work


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          Well it depends on what you firewired did you just firewired the application? Or did you firewired the whole Illustrator folder?
          Did you firewire the Application Support files for Illustrator as well.


          A bigger question is why not reinstall it on your iMac what in the world would you save by copying the application and did you use the migration assistant?


          Since you own a license there is no reason to copy as opposed to doing a fresh install almost seems like you are asking for trouble.


          Loosing the disk is not really a good excuse just i case we hear this one all the time and it never holds water.


          I am not being rude or accusing you just being efficient in my response to save others from asking these questions.


          I am sure it is just  a mind set about saving time that is no time saver at all as you can now see.

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            zeder13 Level 1

            I have a laptop that was on it's last legs and transferred all the data across from that. Being a designer and not a tech fella, I just presumed that it would all copy across with no issues. What I can't understand is why some of it has come across and some hasn't.


            Is my best bet to install the whole of CS2 from the disks and then transfer the files required from my laptop? Is there going to be a clash with the serial number though, as it's already been registered to myself on the old computer?

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              I woud say that is the best policy. There are files that you are not seeing not all in the application folder because of compatibility issues, there are probably reasons they are stored in different directories.


              So instal from the disk. Yes! Then copy your files. Yes!

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                Scott Falkner Level 6

                Either reinstall from the discs or use Migration Assistant.

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                  [scott] Level 6

                  Reinstall from original media. If you've lost the original media call Adobe. They'll send replacement disks for the cost of shipping (~$5). There's no feasible reason to try and transfer the application unless you never had the original media to begin with. And we all know what that means.



                  Adobe apps literally litter the OS with components, simply copying folders is never going to get everything.


                  As the other Scott pointed out, use Migration assistant or clone the entire drive are the only real ways to get solid duplicates across machines.

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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                    Gee I thought I wrote all of that?


                    I guess not?