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    Problems in APE 8 Playback!!!


      Please Somebody help, I really always wanted to have this program but I have been editing many disappointments, cuz earlier to simple jobs because I had to make in Windows Movie Maker but it captures videos in good quality and has many options for exporting leave the video in high definition, my camera is a HDR-FX1 and WMM let me export in Hi Def 1080 and post my real complaint is that I'm having problems adobe when captured playback looks bad because it seems that this slow and hopper and to lose audio and it will not let me work when I saw export options Hi Def put it in "uncomopressed avi" but nothing, please help me and tell me what happens, I make better videos using this premiere 8 I have already installed the program on 2 machines and it is the same, each one meets the system requirements

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          In Premiere ELements, make sure you are using the correct Project settings. If you are using a HD camcorder, use HD 1080 project settings to create your project and then you can transfer your media clips in it.


          To confirm if you are using the correct project settings or not, after you put your media on the timeline, you should not see a red line above the timeline if the project settings are correct.

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            Looking at the specs. on the HDR-FX1, it records in 1080 MPEG-2, but the exact CODEC (Audio & Video) is not listed. The freeware utility, G-SPOT, can get all of that info, including both the Audio and Video CODEC's used. The specs. indicate that the Audio is 16bit (48KHz / 2 channels), or 12bit (32KHz / 2 channels) PCM/WAV (uncompressed) and if the 16-bit setting was used, it should not be an issue. However, sometimes those spec. sheets can be wrong, or an update to a camera model might change things. G-Spot will tell you.


            If your camera is set to the 12-bit Audio, change that to 16-bit. The 12-bit setting is just for adding narration through the camera, and that is better done in your NLE program.


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              Also you can try by switching off the "Enable GPU Playback" option in Edit>Preferences>General.