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    Make the outlines go away


      I am fairly new to Illustrator and currently use CS2. I am self taught, so it would not surprise me if this was an easy fix or a better way to create.


      I am not really sure what the problem is, so bear with my explanation.


      I created a folder design using stroke lines, squares with fill color (for background color; two of them), and pictures behind clipping masks. When I save the .ai file as a PDF it looks great, but then I send it to a company to print and they send me a proof and it shows outlines to the photos, squares with fill color, and clipping masks, even though none of these have an outline color.


      Some of the outlines are solid lines, and other are "dashed". You can barely see them, but they are there.


      I attached both the PDF (mine saved from the .ai file and the proof sent from the printer)


      Please help, I am doing this for work and just spent another 8 hour day trying to figure this out with no avail.


      Thanks for any help...