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    Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

      A couple of days ago I receive my Poduction Premium CS4 Student Licence and i installed it on my machine without wasting time. I also installed third Party filters like Newblue and Saphhire. I edited some footage which was about 1hr 47 mins and I used the NewBlue Colour fixer plus and Saphire stylize Film Effect.


      After completing my edit I exported my footage and AME automatically started installing, and it said installation unsuccessful. I hit OK and it started installing again and still said unsuccessful. I hit OK again and there it goes it launched. It exported my footage but the New Blue and Saphire plugins did not show in my final export. It was just as the original video.


      I also used Auto Levels filter and the clip which had this filter is flashing so terribly that a photosensitive person will not be encouraged to watch it. I filed a portal support to Adobe and did not get a reply from up to now.


      Am I missing something here? Please help as I am really distressed with these results from these products.


      Vista Bis 64

      HP XW6600

      Quad Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz

      Geforce GTX 260

      4GB RAM


      250GB C

      750GB D

      1.5TB Raid 1