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    RH8 - I get the right output but the wrong IE Tab Name


      I have one project which contains two manuals

      1) System Parameters

      2) Bank Management


      I am using Conditional Build tags to generate each manual.


      If I generate the System Parameters Manual, then I get the correct content in every detail.

      However, the Internet Explorer Tab says Bank Management.


      What do I need to change?


      The htm file which is executed clearly shows:




      <script language="javascript">


      var sIcon="whstart.ico";

      var sPath=document.location.href;

      if (sPath.indexOf("http")!= -1)

                      document.write("<link REL=\"SHORTCUT ICON\" href=\""+ sIcon +"\">");



      <title>Bank Management</title>     <--------------------------------------------------------------------


      <meta name="generator" content="Adobe RoboHelp 8" />

      <meta name="description" content="WebHelp 5.50" />