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    how to put links into these weird buttons?


      hi, ive got a flash template, but its really difficult to edit. heres the thing:

      there are 4 main categories buttons, and when i click each categorie, 3 options appears. for example


      green                    blue                    red               yellow

      1g    2g    3g         1b   2b   3b         1r   2r   3r     1y   2y   3y


      green, blue, red and yellow are already with button codes, for when i click it, it opens their 1, 2 and 3 option buttons, but these 1 2 and 3 for each color are not links, and when i try to add a code to them, ALL of them get the same link, like their instances from the same thing. and when i try to set a button to be instance of another thing, all of them change again.


      its really difficult and i've tried everything. even creating another box for these 1,2and 3, but when i create a box on this section, another 2 boxes are created at its sides.


      impossible thing.


      thanks for help in advance