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    Custom Output Size in CS3


      Hi Gurus,


      Okay, here's one I've searched for, but haven't quite found what I think I need...  I need to make a custom-sized video, and to be specific, one which is only 160 x 64 pixels (the joys of digital signage).   Yes, I'm working small!  I've set myself up to edit in this size restriiction using the project/settings/general/ then by selecting "desktop" I can set my video frame size to that 160x64.  With this, I know I'm editing "pixel for pixel" and any photoshop elements I bring in (corporate logos, etc) and that should ensure they render properly.  No "real" live video is brought in, it's simply a series of titles, logos, etc - and all elements have been sourced at that 160 x 64. That's all well and good, but when it comes time I can render my sequence, but my only option for saving it is as an Adobe PP Project -- no AVI, no WMV, etc...   What am I doing wrong???