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    Adobe Media Encoder

    Joseph Maxson

      Wasn't entirely sure if this was the best place to post this but since Media Encoder installed with PP4 here we go.

      When I either start up media encoder independently or export a project from PP4, a dialog box pops up that says Media Encoder is installing, with the standard progress bar and an epilepsy inducing installation timer. The installation runs through, hits 100% and then says installation failed, restarting the program will restart the installation, press ok. hit ok, the installation automatically restarts, it goes through the exact same process again, installation fails, again. Except this time clicking ok causes media encoder to open and it works after that. If that only happened the first time, i'd be happy. However, it occurs every time i open/export, which means it takes ~10 minutes or so to get into the program, and the exported files aren't even queued up for me. Any solutions to this? No CS3 products installed now or concurrently.


      XP 3 MCE 32 bit

      AMD Turion processors

      2 gigs RAM

      graphics card that i can't remember at the moment. it worked with the program before, cause it didn't use to do this.